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A card is chosen from a shuffled deck. The magician skillfully cuts two cards from the deck. One matches the value of the selection, the other card matches the suit. The cards instantly transform in to the selected card.

A novel discovery of three chosen cards using the combined skills of two audience members and the magician.

A card is peeked from a shuffled deck. A spectator names any number between 5 and 15. The magician instantly cuts to that number of cards. The magician then reveals he also cut directly to the chosen cards.

Three selections are made and found in an increasingly impossible manner culminating in a card in a sealed container.

A spectator adds the numbers from their credit card or bank card. Impossibly, you have divined the total.

From a shuffled deck the magician produces a four of a kind or four selections.

A spectator chooses two cards from ma shuffled blue deck. He then places these in a shuffled red deck at freely chosen positions. The cards immediately beneath the blue backed cards are the matching cards from the red deck.

From bare hands the magician causes a coin to appear. This becomes two coins, then three and finally four.

A spectator peeks a card from a borrowed shuffled deck. He then cuts and shuffles the cards if he wishes. The magician spreads the cards with the faces towards the audience and gauging the spectator's reactions to the cards he sees, divines the card that was chosen. NO FORCE!

The magician shuffles and cuts the deck. The cards are woven together and the telescoped halves are held at the fingertips and shaken. Four cards fly free from the deck. The deck is assembled and the four cards are laid out on the table. Cards are dealt from the deck according to the numerical value of each of the four cards. The top card of each of the four dealt piles is turned face up to reveal the four Aces.

DON'T WAIT FOR INSPIRATION features 10 never before published routines designed for the close-up performer. Released 23rd October 2013.


DWFI cover

DON'T WAIT FOR INSPIRATION is the second e-book from the PLATINUM membership.

It is available as a standalone item or as part of the PLATINUM membership. Click here for PLATINUM:


Six cards are chosen from a shuffled deck by six spectators and placed out of sight. The magician removes his business card and writes a sum on the back and hands the business card to another spectator to add the digits together. When the spectator has the total, the magician asks each spectator to remove the cards from their pockets. Assuming the sum total is 194,637 each card will match a digit from the total - a divine sum!!

An amazing coincidence/prediction effect.This is my handling of Paul Harris' OVERKILL routine.

An incredible hands off OPEN prediction effect with playing cards and a bank note.

A spectator thinks of their favourite hour of the day and then chooses a card from the deck. The magician says he has a one in twelve shot of guessing the hour and a one in 52 shot of guessing the right card. He guesses both correctly!

A spectator randomly removes eight cards from a shuffled deck and holds on to them. Another spectator chooses a card from the deck and remembers it. The eight cards are used to determine the value and suit of the card. Spelling the name of the chosen card, one name for each letter, the final card dealt turns out to be the chosen one.

A coin purse is shown and the spectator removes the coin from within. A card is chosen from the deck. The coin vanishes instantly followed by the chosen card. When the spectator opens the purse, both the coin and the card are discovered inside.

Under increasingly stringent conditions, the magician always seems to be dealt the winning hand in a game of poker.

A card is chosen from the deck and held out of sight. The remainder of the cards are split and shuffled face up in to face down. The magician asks the spectator to wave their card over the deck. Immediately the deck is spread to show three reversed Fives spread throughout the deck, Clubs, Hearts and Spades. The magician immediately concludes the chosen card must be the Five of Diamonds. It is!

My presentation for the $100 bill switch

A spectator draws a simple picture on a business card and the magician manages to draw a duplicate of that picture.


APTITUDE is the first e-book in the PLATINUM series. Featuring 10 routines, it comes with a bonus e-book SIGNS which features my 5 favourite routines using ESP cards. Released April 2013.


SIGNS cover

Also included:bonus manuscript

SIGNS: ($15 value)


The magician introduces a red and blue deck. The spectator freely chooses either deck and shuffles it and then tables any four cards face down. The magician shows a prediction card (assume it is the Seven of Hearts). When the values of the four cards are added together, the two digit total is counted to, one card at a time, from the top of the deck which was tabled at the beginning. The card that falls at the random number is shown to be the matching Seven of Hearts. Everything may be examined.

Three cards are chosen from a shuffled deck. The Joker transforms momentarily in to each selection then back to the Joker. To end, the Joker makes a permanent change in to ‘Mr. Hyde’.

A card is chosen and returned to a shuffled deck. The magician makes three statements and the spectator can either lie or tell the truth about each statement by answering either TRUE or FALSE to each. The cards are dealt according to the answers given, one card for each letter. The card stopped at after the deal is revealed to be the selection. The name of the selected card is spelled out to reveal its three mates!

A deck of cards is introduced and shown. Written on the faces are random objects and shapes. The cards are shuffled and four cards are chosen. The first three cards are revealed to match a ‘novel’ prediction. To end the magician removes the final prediction and hands it to the spectator as a keepsake.

Three cards are chosen and lost in a shuffled deck. The magician takes three cards from the deck and says that each will provide a clue as to the identity of the selections. The magician then names aloud three cards - the three selections! The cards are immediately spread across the table and all three selections are now reversed in the deck!

From a shuffled deck, the magician asks for a card to be chosen and placed sight unseen on the table. After a series of shuffles and cuts, the magician, skillfully cuts four cards from the deck. The chosen card is revealed. Assuming it is the 10S, the magician reveals the four tabled cards as the JS, QS, KS and AS to complete the royal flush.

A card is freely chosen from a shuffled deck, assume the Jack of Hearts. It is placed face up in the deck at a location freely determined by the spectator. The spectator chooses whether they would like to use the card either above or below where they stopped. Assuming they choose above, the card is revealed. Assume it is a black nine. The spectator is given the choice of counting 9 cards either above or below that card. Assume they choose above. The cards are counted one at a time to the table. The ninth card is dealt to the spectator. When he turns it face up it is the mate of the selection: the Jack of Diamonds.

The four Aces are found in a novel manner from a repeatedly shuffled deck.

The magician places a single prediction in full view of the audience. A spectator takes an imaginary trip to the casino choosing a chip colour for themselves and the magician for some poker. They then nominate a lucky playing card. They have a totally free choice of everything and yet their choices match the prediction precisely.

A card is chosen and replaced in a shuffled deck. The Ace of Spades magically appears. The Ace is buried in the centre of the deck and then immediately appears back on top. The Ace instantly changes in to the selected card.


LEAVE THE TALKING TO OTHERS is features 12 routines designed for the close-up performer. Released 10th March 2013.

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Also included:bonus manuscript IMPULSE: ($10 value)

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