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without loss


A bonus manuscript, WITHOUT LOSS OF ENTHUSIASM featuring three routines will be sent with every order. Value $10.

TRANSIT: a pocket interchange routine that can be performed with signed cards. No duplicate cards are required. No palming necessary.
REVERSE LOGIC: A two signed cards double transposition.
FOOL'S PARADISE: My 'logical' version of the Dunbury Delusion effect.



Here are the contents:

ABOUT TIME: A spectator removes their watch which is set to a random time which is unknown to anyone. The magician borrows a coin from another spectator and promptly vanishes the borrowed coin. The coin is discovered underneath the watch of the person from whom the magician borrowed the coin. The magician asks the spectator to read aloud the date from the borrowed coin. Assuming the date is 2010, the magician asks the first spectator to reveal the randomly set time. It will be 20:10 (or 8.10pm).

SERENDIPITY: Three spectators each select a card from a shuffled deck. The magician removes three cards from the spread. None are the selections. When the magician asks for the names of the selected cards each spectator names the same card. The magician magically transforms the three selections in to the chosen card.

A SERIES OF STRANGE COINCIDENCES: Three incredible coincidence effects with a shuffled deck of cards which can be borrowed!

DIVIDE AND CONQUER: A shuffled deck is split in to four roughly equal piles and a card is chosen from each pile and lost by each spectator. The deck is assembled and reshuffled by the magician. When the magician spreads the deck, all four cards are located. Two red selections are found amongst all black cards and two black selections are found amongst all red cards.

ONE EQUALS FOUR: The magician shows four cards. He discards one card but is still left with four. This is repeated several times. Finally, the four cards fuse in to a single card: a four!

TRANSCENSION: Four Queens vanish one at a time when placed amongst four black cards. Each time a Queen vanishes one of the black spot cards is placed to the table. The remaining black cards instantly change back in to the the four Queens. The four tabled cards then change in to the four Aces!

THEN: A novel ‘video’ prediction of a chosen playing card.

SHOOT: The magician draws a simple football (soccer) pitch on the back of his business card. He draws a ball in one half of the pitch. The ball vanishes and is found as real hole in the goal at the opposite end of the card. Everything can be examined.

SLACKPOT COINS: The magician presents a sealed envelope as a prediction. The spectator grabs a handful of loose change. The magician does the same. When the spectator totals her change she is then invited to open the envelope. The magician has successfully predicted how much money both he and the spectator holds.

RUSE: A shuffled deck is split in two between the magician and a spectator. Each shuffles their own half then both halves are tabled. The spectator cuts to a card in each half. The cards are revealed to be mates, i.e. two black Kings.



CHARMED bonus will be sent with every order. Value $10.

Charmed details two visual links for Troy Hooser's excellent coin routine 'A Charming Chinese Challenge'.


You can watch PEAK PEEK TRIUMPH here:

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