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Here are the details:

REWORKED OVERWORK - A deck is mixed face up and face down. The top card is placed face down on the bottom of the deck and instantly travels back to the top. The cards are spread to show that on its way the card back to the top it managed to turn all the cards face down. The top card is cut face up in to the deck. The deck is immediately spread to show four face up cards - the card has located its three mates!

REVERSE COINS ACROSS - Three coins travel one at a time invisibly from one hand to the other. The spectator then holds all three coins. One is visibly extracted from her clenched fist then instantly vanished. Upon opening her hand, all three coins are back.

 - From a shuffled deck, the spectator thinks of a card. The cards are reshuffled then tabled. The magician instantly spells directly to the thought of card.

 - An Ace is cut from a shuffled deck. Each Ace is subsequently discovered with a unique spell.

- This is my routine for the classic Three Shell Game.

 - The magician removes one card from a shuffled deck. A spectator deals through the cards face up until he gets an urge to deal one card face down. The balance of the cards are dealt face up to show that all of the cards are different. The ‘prediction’ card is turned up and shown to be a black three. The deck is spread and the reversed card is shown to be the other black three.

- Seven spectators each think of a card. Each card is revealed by the magician.

- A spectator thinks of an image. The magician sketches a drawing on a pad. The drawing matches the spectator's thought.

VORTEX - Four Aces turn face up one card at a time. One by one the Aces change in to Jacks then instantly change back to the four Aces.
CHROMA - This is an incredible colour changing deck routine combining three selections and a multiple prediction.

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